A Strategy to Online Poker Promotions

poker background with golden cards and realistic dice

One of the best things about online poker is all the promotions.

Almost all poker sites offer deposit bonuses, top-up bonuses, free money, VIP perks and much more. And all of these incentives have value. You deserve something

Why Do Poker Sites Offer Promotions?

Successful poker players can take advantage of these various incentives. Sometimes in cash, sometimes as a free entry to the competition or as a discounted item.

Either way, it will increase your overall profit or margin. I also met winners who lose in high stakes games but use the points won in many of these games.

At the other end of the spectrum, poker stocks can go bankrupt during difficult times or when you try to check your pockets online. The extra money may keep you from falling.

Lastly, you should not ignore online poker offers. This is not easy money.

Why are poker sites being promoted?

ALL companies have bids for the same reason. Poker sites want:

Encourage new customers to try it out. create an account and (optionally) deposit money in real money.
Encourage existing players to stay close and play more often.

Types of online poker offers

There are many poker site promotions. However, there are some common reasons that you can find on almost any website. If you are an experienced online gamer, you probably already know some.

Welcome bonuses (deposit bonuses) are offers sold to new customers. The idea is simple: when you make a deposit, the poker room doubles the deposit rate to one dollar.

The top-up bonus is a welcome bonus unless it applies to existing customers. Sometimes it is advertised as a “reward” for being a customer, and sometimes it is used to encourage sleeping customers to come back and play again.

Download bonuses vary, but are often lower than welcome bonuses.

Free cash is a small cash offer offering multiple rooms for new players. No deposit is usually required, although some rooms require a deposit and play to withdraw or win money.

VIP Program: Prizes are without a doubt the best poker room deals if you have a good in-room program.


Poker promotions are often just a wow factor – thousands of dollars in casino bonuses, extra jackpots or big winnings.

But much good can be done if you know what you are looking for.

Poker advertising can increase your winnings or prevent you from falling. You can balance all the batches and save money.

(Like I said, we know a few players who did this. Not for full-time fishing, but for professional poker players).

The bottom line is that no matter who you are and how good you are, online poker deals can bring you more money.

They are attractive.