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PuTTY is a free and open-source data transfer, terminal emulator, and serial console for Windows. It supports various network protocols to establish a secure connection for transferring sensitive information. Created by Simon Tatham, this is now maintained by developers from around the world. PuTTY is a free and open-source software for Windows devices that gives users the option to transfer data securely and safely.

The client uses different file transfer protocols such as SCPSSHSFTP, and Rlogin to encrypt data and protect it from unauthorized use.The tool comes with a Command Line Interface (CLI) known for its ability to manipulate important functions. This program has the look of a comprehensive SSH terminal so that users can easily establish a connection that’s safe for data transfer. It also provides support for all SSH clients, as well as key authentication.

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This software is quite handy, especially when working using public internet. It tunnels user sessions using different clients like PSCPPSFTP, and Telnet—thereby protecting data from prying eyes. It’s also quite useful for text-only sessions.

This program uses various protocols to ensure data doesn’t fall into the hands of hackers and is transferred to its destination without any interruptions. It makes use of cryptography ciphers such as 3DESDESArcfour, and key authentication to ensure the utmost safety and security.

Unless you’re a beginner, you can easily configure this for network connections. You can start by specifying the type of connection, destination, hostname, log file, and other details. You can even set aside data that requires verification when being transferred.



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