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How profitable is playing Tik Tok Gambling?

Some of the most interesting people live on TikTok and Instagram. Cultures like Forex trading or the professional roulette player disappeared before these programs existed.

Instead of focusing on financial scams like Forex or daily trading, I wanted to discuss this article with athletes and discuss how real players make money.

Casino Games – Free Debate (with a few exceptions)
If you want to learn new skills, buy some cheap paper to get a good understanding of the topic. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get expert advice on what interests you. Countless books are written by high-profile players or experienced mathematicians.

For simplicity, just see how much math you’ve gained / lost in one game over time.

Like some car games, casino games have the expected value. The math outlook of the average gaming device is around 18%, which means you are losing $ 18 on $ 100.
Most TikTok and Instagram players love two games: baccarat and roulette.

Poker and table games

Unlike poker, poker gives you good mathematical hope if you are good at it. This is because you are playing against others and not in a casino. In poker, the card room wins, commission with a fixed percentage of each bank.

The 2.5% stand is $ 100 and the casino is $ 2.50. Everything works, but not very effective (except for very expensive game rooms) for the players.

Usually, if you hear about professional players (real players, not social media sellers), they make money playing poker.

Several years ago there was a viral video of a poker player earning all night (about $ 50,000) on a round of roulette wheels.
He won the roulette bet, but it was pure luck.

Craps are based on these three combinations, and the casino has special rules that exclude many of the “Don’t Succeed” benefits. But you probably know the most common combinations of dice, and you decide to play a high-risk game of alcohol against people with no statistical education. You can take advantage of this by buying a property or building 6, 7, or 8 square feet in front of another player. For an inexperienced opponent, you will probably be “happy” and there will be no rules for revoking your privileges.

When it comes to sports betting, gambling tiktok use things like point allocation or flexible cash flow to make bets fair. If the world boxing champion fights in total, you might have to spend $ 1,000 to win $ 100. Or two unbalanced NFL football teams can score 10 points to level the score.

Many old-fashioned gambling books or biographies of famous players talk about going to bars and preparing big (and possibly losing) fans ready to play 1: 1 against your favorite team.
Again, this is very illegal in many places and I do not recommend people to do it. However, I would not be surprised if a large number of experienced players avoid this tactic. Of course, those who do this won’t get nervous and won’t sell their courses on Instagram or TikTok.


Many casino games have been around for centuries. Many of them have existed for at least 50-70 years, as they do today. During this time, the casinos are working hard to keep the casino ahead.
Public gaming systems were respected and removed.
Although they are professional players, they usually participate in games like poker.

Or, where there is an advantage, players who are not playing.
While everyone who reads this is smart and doesn’t want to get carried away with cheating at roulette, there is a lot of pressure on social media to justify “professional gambling.”

Online sports betting and online casinos are becoming more and more popular in the United States, and it can be very expensive to sell your dream of truly getting rich.

I love card and board games and spend thousands of hours playing poker and behind the scenes.